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Why Choose Us as Your Study Abroad Advisor?

Each of our students will receive individualised guidance for all elements of their admission to a US/UK (or EU) university, including test preparation, assistance with essays and personal statements, and interview practice, thanks to our education consultation technique. This is our modus operandi!

Our certified study abroad consultants in Moradabad, India’s “Brass City,” take great pride in offering each of our students individualised support. Since most students only have one chance to apply to their top universities, we want to make sure they receive the customised support they require. This is the reason that our founder initially established Meo Immigration.

The students at Meo Immigration frequently outperform their rivals for a variety of reasons.

Check out our success stories to discover more about Who We Are and the outstanding outcomes our students have achieved.

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    International Student Profile Evaluation

    Our certified study abroad experts in Moradabad understand that every student considering an international education may need a variety of answers. Our educational counsellors evaluate students’ profiles based on their educational background, career aspirations, language proficiency, interests, and hobbies, among other factors, in order to offer them tailored counselling.

    Our top-rated global education consultants in Moradabad offer candid guidance to parents and students regarding the universities, study plans, and study locations they have selected. Our specialists connect each student with the best universities where they have the best chance of admission after evaluating each student’s strengths, limitations, opportunities, and interests. We carefully and expertly assess the student profiles to allay their concerns, answer their queries, and present them the best alternative for choosing the best subject or university of their choice.

    What do we offer?

    Student Education Qualification by Certified Overseas Education Experts

    Education Qualifications

    Review all of the educational documentation, including the transcripts from the 10th, 12th, graduate, and postgraduate levels. Based on the results, we make suggestions for the country, course, and university.

    Evaluate Student Requirements by 1:1 sessions by Meo Immigration Study Abroad team

    Evaluate your Requirements

    Our in-depth counselling by our study abroad experts sessions allow us to examine the needs and requirements of the pupils. Which University, Country, or Program is the student wanting to choose?

    Study Abroad Budget Evaluation by Experienced Study Abroad Expert Team - MEO immigration

    Budget Evaluation

    Every University, Country, and program have different requirements depending on a number of variables, and they are all included in the student budget.

    University, Country and Course Suggestions by Certified Global Education Expert

    University, Course, and Country Recommendations

    Every country has a unique set of regulations for individuals; therefore, we provide a thorough list of potential programs, universities, and nations based on education, need, and budget.

    MEO Immigration offers SOP and LOR Assistance by Certified Team

    Documentation: SOP and LOR

    Go over the letter of recommendation and statement of purpose in depth and provide a thorough recommendation in accordance with the demands of the countries, universities, and programs.

    Student Language Ability Evaluation by MEO Immigration's Certified IELTS and PTE Trainers

    Recommendation based on Language Ability

    For better suggestion and evaluation of student profiles, we take into account your IELTS, PTE, and other test results. Each country has different language competence criteria.

    Best IELTS Coaching Program in Moradabad

    It is easier for applicants to register for and take the exam at Meo Immigration, the best IELTS preparation centre in Moradabad. Our top study abroad advisor in Moradabad employs qualified educators that try to use their knowledge and expertise to help students get the grades they want. This IELTS preparation centre covers all of the speaking, reading, writing, and listening components of the exam in great detail. Meo Immigration offers practice exams to gauge your ability with common grammar and punctuation mistakes. You’ll also learn how to finish the exam and function well under duress. This Overseas Education Consultant is considered as one of the Best IELTS Training Facilities in Moradabad because of this. Meo Immigration is a wise choice for you if you want to have a strong command of the English language and want to relocate abroad. Additionally, if you wish to study abroad or obtain a visa, get in touch with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Study Abroad with a Consultant?

    Finding scholarships and understanding the application process, however, could be difficult. There's a chance that studying overseas can change someone's life. That is something that a study abroad adviser can help with. Because of their knowledge of the educational system and expertise choosing the finest university, they can assist you with every stage of the process, including applying for scholarships. They can help you with visa applications, offer you personalised advice, and ensure that you get the most out of your study abroad experience. Don't miss the opportunity to get help finding a study abroad programme by getting in touch with Meo Immigration. Get in contact with us right now to learn about fantastic study-related scholarship opportunities.

    Who Studies Abroad? Demographics and Trends

    Higher education students are becoming and more likely to study abroad. Recent findings show that female students make up a large percentage of those who study overseas and that Europe, Asia, and Latin America are the three most popular regions. Furthermore, because studying abroad provides beneficial cultural and educational experiences, students from a range of degrees and backgrounds decide to do so.

    Can I Study Abroad After 12th?

    Yes, after completing your senior year of high school, you are eligible to study overseas. Study abroad advisors can help you choose the right programme and university for your chosen destination by guiding you through the process. Study abroad counsellors are available in Moradabad.

    What are Benefits of Studying Abroad?

    Numerous advantages come from studying abroad, such as the chance to get immersed in another culture, obtain a global perspective, develop independence and self-confidence, and boost employment opportunities. Additionally, it enables students to develop enduring relationships and produce priceless experiences.

    Is it Possible to Study Abroad without IELTS?

    It is now possible for prospective international students to study abroad without taking the IELTS exam. As several organisations and colleges throughout the world have acknowledged, standardised tests like the IELTS cannot be used as the exclusive gauge of language proficiency. Consequently, schools have begun to adopt other techniques for language assessment, such evaluating a student's English competency through essays, interviews, or previous academic work. Thanks to this development, students with strong academic credentials but difficulties on standardised language exams now have a route to pursue their goals of studying overseas and immersing themselves in a multicultural classroom.

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